Josh Lebowitz - On the One Lane Road to Total Media Domination!


Studio: 510 - 898 - 1776

Cell:    415 - 793 - 4158


“He sounds just like an angel. If you don’t listen too carefully...”

Unrepentant class clown, ex radio DJ and sometime stage actor, I stumbled into voiceovers almost at random. (Clickable wee samples are in yellow...)

After occasional “Stunt VO” work at Comedy Central, a :15 scratch track on a script I’d written led to 7 years as the voice of the HBO Family Channel (!) This in turn led to representation by Don Buchwald & Associates, then Atlas Talent Agency (both in NYC).

I spent a year as the voice of the channel for Cablevision’s Metroguide, two years as the voice of “This Week in History” on the History Channel, as well as a year and a half as the voice of “The Man Made Movie” on TBS and “Ask The Stars” on The TV Guide Channel. 

In between, I voiced numerous promo gigs, commercials and documentaries along with the errant sales tape, ad demo and audiobook, and was very nearly the voice of two tired ’70’s ad icons: Morris The Cat and Tony The Tiger.

Can’t make this stuff up, folks!  Then, the family and I moved from...

         New York            to            Sydney        to     The San Francisco Bay Area


Which, trust me, is a whole ‘nother story. Once here in the Bay Area, I got myself representation in San Francisco (first JE Talent, now Stars: The Agency), built a fully soundproofed, gorgeous recording studio and got right back to it: doing commercials, TV shows, training videos and eLearning courses, promos, billboards (including the last five years as the billboard voice of Nick On Demand), sales tapes, pilots, podcasts and audiobooks, almost exclusively from the “Face4VO” studios.

So call me or email me (info above) and let’s put a voice (um, mine) to your next project!

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