where the magic happens...


                             HEY, Not that kinda magic, you nuts.

I record and edit in my very own, 100% me - owned-and-operated, state of the art, double walled, fully soundproofed VO studio stocked with serious, top shelf gear:

•Neumann U87 Microphone (da bomb!)

•Avalon 737sp Pre-Amp (vacuum tube)

•Mackie 1202-VLZ Pro Mixer

•MacBookPro, running ProTools 8.04

•Gentner DH20 Digital Hybrid Phone Patch

SE Electronics Reflexion filter (that Stevie Wonder and I both love)

•Several rugs and carpets -- running the gamut from lovely and

  antique to, um, hideous -- and a whole heap of Auralex foam.

•Oh yeah, and me and that voice of mine!

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